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 "Panjang pendek usia seseorang itu BUKAN karena takdir semata. Sebab kesehatan kita sesungguhnya dapat diusahakan sehingga usia kita panjang dan sehat. Kita semua percaya umur ditangan Tuhan. Tapi bagaimana kita menghabiskan masa tua kita nanti, kita yang menentukan."

Di buku ini, dr. Deby Vinski menjelaskan beragam informasi mengenai konsep baru antipenuaan, mulai dari terapi dasar anti-aging medicine seperti menjaga gaya hidup sehat, mengatur nutrisi, relaksasi dan managemen stres, aktioksidan, hingga terapi sulih hormon seperti HGH, (human growth homone), IGF1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor 1), Oksitosin (Hormon Love), Testosterone (Hormon keperkasaan pria), DHEA (hormon dihydroepiandrosterone) sampai Stem sel, terapi    revolusi dalam anti aging,

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“… everything that comes from her (Dr. Deby) is invariably of high quality, and particularly so when it concerns anti-aging medicine. … She fully deserves her nickname “the Queen of Anti-Aging”.…  No doubt this Perfect Beauty Anti-Aging book will make history …”

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe (Belgium)
President of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

“… Dr. Deby  Vinski presents practical step-by-step instructions for life prolongation through a variety of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine treatments drawn from her extensive education and practical experience. … Dr. Vinski , an  “M.Sc. in Preventive Medicine”, delivers a scientifically factual and fascinating book    a “must read” for a greater understanding of the fast-growing revolutionary science of life prolongation and longevity.“

Prof. Dr. Alfred Wolf (Germany)
Scientific Director
first  world Master Program in Preventive, Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine

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“… a wonderful book, easy to read, researched and written by the queen of anti-aging - Dr. Deby Vinski. …Congratulations to Dr. Deby on her timely book in which she shares the secrets to not only live longer but also to reverse the aging process and stay young, healthy and happy.”

Prof. Vladimir Khavinson, M.D.,Ph.D. (Russia)

President of the International Association

of Gerontology & Geriatrics, European Region,

Institute Director

“How lucky are you to open this nice book by Dr Deby Vinski! Because you will find many things you need to know to feel better and live longer… Dr Deby brings you to the world of stem cells, the ultimate recipe for regeneration … The quality of life is also linked to sexuality, and this book reveals how to prolong it …”

Dr. Claude Dalle (France)
President of WOSIAM




Available at Gramedia Book Stores across Indonesia.


Also available on-line at $24.00 USD (including shipping within Indonesia)

Books are now shipping